Ayurvedic Health Care

In Ayurvedic medicine, each person is a unique manifestation of the five elements—space, air, fire, water, and earth—and, therefore, has unique dietary and wellness requirements.

Initial Wellness Consultation

This consultation focuses on forging a path toward your best wellness and empowers you to restore your health.  I will assess your particular constitution (combination of the five elements) and your current health status and work with you to create an Ayurvedic Personal Wellness Plan to restore your harmony and balance.

  1. A comprehensive Ayurvedic assessment of your current health status
  2. Steps forward for…
    • Your best dietary choices
    • Optimum lifestyle habits and stress management
    • Herbal supplement recommendations
    • Ayurvedic Bodywork and Pancha Karma
  • 2.5 hour visit, Sliding Scale $175 to $225
  • On-Line Sessions Available

Follow-up Visits

Once you’ve started on your journey toward Ayurvedic Wellness, these visits support you to achieve your wellness goals as well as fine-tuning along the way to respond to your changing situation.

  • $75 to $100 sliding scale
  • On-Line Sessions Available 

Introductory Ayurvedic Nutritional Consultation

For those who are interested in learning more about Ayurveda and who are specifically interested in understanding Ayurvedic nutritional recommendations.

  1. Understand your original nature or Ayurvedic Constitution
  2. How to eat to optimize your health and well-being
  • 2 hour visit
  • Sliding Scale $125 to $175
  • On-line Sessions Available

To book your Consultation or a Follow-up session, please call  Kathy at (415) 312 0007 or email:  kgehlkentang@hotmail.com

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