Detox. Seriously?

These days the media waves are cluttered with diets and products that claim to aide in detoxification.  Modern medicine is contemptuous of these claims and is quick to point out that there is very little science to support claims about detoxification.  Yet detoxification is an age-old treatment and has been used by traditional medicine systems the world over.  In Ayurvedic medicine, detox is a premier treatment, the pinnacle of which is Pancha Karma (PK).  PK involves an intensive regimen that includes simplified diet, herbs and therapeutic practices that help the body recover from the lingering results of improper diet, poor digestion and environmental toxins, the effects of which accumulate over time. In short: detoxification.  In India, many undergo these treatments in hospitals where the process is supervised by medical professionals.  More and more westerners, including myself, have also undergone these treatments.  In my case, I underwent PK to address troublesome symptoms of peri-menopause and can say unequivocally that after my Pancha Karma, I no longer experience my symptoms, the most troublesome of which were daily hot flashes.  As a side benefit, I lost ten pounds.

Methodical detoxification has a long track record in traditional medical systems other than Ayurveda, as well.  Continue reading “Detox. Seriously?”