Ayurvedic Body Therapies

Ayurvedic Abhyangha Massage
A traditional Ayurvedic warm oil massage–to detoxify, rejuvenate and balance.
90 minute session, $160

Abhyanga and Swedana (steam bath)A therapeutic style of abhyanga, geared toward Vata pacification and detoxification or as a part of Shodana (cleansing)  therapies..
120 minute session, $180

Abhyanga with Pinda Sweda
Abhyanga followed by massage with warmed herbal sachet dipped in medicated tea and applied continuously over painful areas–for pain relief or as a part of Shodana (cleansing) therapies.
120 minute session, $225

Warmed Oil poured over the forehead, preceded by foot and hand massage–for stress management, relaxation of the nervous system and headaches.
60 minute session, $100

Shirodhara Plus
Back, neck, foot massage followed by Shirodhara–especially for those who have a lot of tension in the upper body. Helpful for relaxation, pain, stress management and headaches.
90 minute session, $150

Unique Body Therapies combining Ayurveda and Restorative Yoga:

Deep Relief

Combines Abhyanga, Medicated Warm Oil treatments and Restorative Yoga Postures (done while you relax on the massage table and modified to suit you) to provide deep relief to areas of pain.  Especially helpful for chronic pain.
2 hour session, $200

Praise for Deep Relief:  Kathy’s Deep Relief treatment is like a full body reset. I had areas of chronic pain and levels of discomfort that had become so habitual I had forgotten I was steeling myself against them. Without provoking that pain at all, she touched the patterns of holding in my body, releasing my protective clenching and released the pain I had come to think was normal. I got off the table feeling truly, deeply, relieved, and that relief sustained well beyond that hour and day…. F.B.

Deep Reset

Combines Abhyanga, Restorative Yoga Postures (done while you relax on the massage table and modified to suit you) and Shirodhara (warm oil gently poured over your forehead) to unwind and reset your nervous system.  Especially helpful for chronic stress and anxiety.
2.5 hour session, $250

Praise for Deep Reset:  I’ve always appreciated the knowledge and care Kathy brings to each treatment. Recently my experience of the Deep Reset body therapy brought a profoundly settling to my whole being. I arrived in a very distressed state. She facilitated a caring space of presence, meeting me where I was and, through her therapeutic touch, allowed me to rest deeply.  This rest allowed me to release my distress and experience myself at peace. I’ve often recalled the feeling in my body and return to it as a resource…. S.A.

Traditional Specialized Ayurvedic Body Therapies
Nasya, Karnapoorna, Kati Basti, Janu Basti, Udvarthana, Udgarshana, Uthsadana, Pichu, specialized Dharas and other treatments are also available, as a part of your Ayurvedic Health Care plan or in consultation with your practitioner.

Private Yoga Sessions

Combines gentle yoga poses with restful restorative postures, pranayama and meditation
1.5 hours, $150

To book your body therapy, please call or email Kathy
at (415) 312 0007 or  kathy@ayurvedic.healthcare