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“I am so pleased to have met Kathy and worked with her to incorporate Ayurveda into my diet. She is immensely patient and thorough and has been such a positive influence on health and well being.” ….C.M.

“Kathy has been a blessing in my life. Working on improving my health and digestion issues with her has been like having the BEST of Western and Eastern knowledge at my disposal. It felt like a fun team sleuthing effort and we managed to resolve most of my issues related to my IBS by identifying food intolerances and adjusting my eating style. In the process I also effortlessly shed some pounds that have refused to budge for years. Kathy is thorough, caring and generous with her time and knowledge. I apply the knowledge I gained from her in my daily life. Whenever friends bring up health or digestive issues, I immediately recommend that they contact Kathy. Those that have followed my recommendation have been equally happy with the results.”….D. L

“A massage from Kathy is like a full reset to my nervous system.”….F.B.

“Kathy’s unique understanding of the ancient wisdom of the east and the science of western nutrition has helped me to unravel much conflicting confusion and experience greater well being! A wonderful guide for anyone seeking clarity and health.”…. S. A.

“I had a wonderful therapeutic massage with Kathy. Her treatment room is warm, clean, and comfortable. Kathy had open communication throughout the massage, ensuring that I was comfortable with the level of pressure and making sure I spoke up at any time if something didn’t feel right. I left feeling relaxed and completely pampered….She is knowledgeable and extremely professional. I would highly recommend a visit with Kathy! …A.S.

“I approached Kathy for help as I had IBS and GERD…Kathy was very professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs with time and appointments. She started a process of elimination to figure out what I was sensitive to and what made my symptoms better or worse. She also equipped me with articles and recipes that supported me through the changes I was making in my diet. I learned a lot about myself and my body and have been doing a lot better with those symptoms.  Kathy has become my go to person regarding any nutrition questions and other related concerns…I would recommend her very highly.”…E.C.


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